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Tom McCauley – “He Said… She Said…”

Tom McCauley

“He Said… She Said…”

Artist Album He Said She Said

Steel strings… bold, edgy, and aggressive…

Nylon strings… graceful, warm, and expressive…

Steel strings

bold, edgy, and aggressive…

Nylon strings

graceful, warm, and expressive…

After a lifetime of working behind the scenes on other artist’s music, I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my first solo album, “He Said… She Said…” The music is based on a series of duets between my steel and nylon stringed acoustic guitars, envisioned as romantic conversations.

The songs originated with my roots in Americana, Folk, & Blues music, and are blended with elements of Contemporary Jazz.

Selections include intimate guitar solos and duets, contemporary smooth jazz pieces, some swampy blues, and a Latin-inspired composition featuring a full jazz orchestra.

I am honored to be joined in this effort by my long-time friends Corey Allen, Kevin Axt, Brian Bromberg, Peter Gordon, Ed Gould, David James, John Mahon, Dan Siegel, Joel Taylor, Dave Tull, and Chad Wright, as well as The Sinfonietta Dominicana.

Full release is coming soon! Advance CDs are available now. If you would like to purchase one directly, please contact me here.


Intimate conversations between two guitars.

Intimate conversations between two guitars.

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Tom McCauley  – “He Said… She Said…”

Upcoming Release Minor 7th

Tom McCauley is a veteran recording engineer, arranger and producer. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry from Sting to Herbie Hancock and from the Backstreet Boys to Brian Bromberg. On “He Said…She Said…”, McCauley proves that he is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer.

The release features the acoustic guitar elegantly placed in a variety of lush musical settings. The upbeat opener “Kangaroo Club” showcases the acoustic guitar stylishly supported by synthesizers, bass, and percussion. “Communicado” and “Madrugada” are two bossa nova inspired compositions utilizing tasteful orchestration and sophisticated instrumentation. “Fingerpainting” is a beautiful solo guitar piece, while the country flavored “Generations” uses vintage instruments to create an alluring rural landscape. The recording ends with “Waiting in the Wings,” a delicate, reflective duet.

He Said… She Said…” is a very accessible album, pristinely recorded, and is highly recommended for fans of smooth and contemporary jazz.

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